Funko Hello Kitty Mecha Kaiju front view with Japan background
Funko Hello Kitty Mecha Kaiju stock photo

Funko POP! Hello Kitty: Mecha Kaiju 44

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In the Funko POP! Sanrio Kaiju series, Hello Kitty is dressed as different monsters from this Japanese film genre that features giant monsters (think Godzilla). This Hello Kitty is a Mecha Kaiju, a cybernetic monster programmed to destroy!

  • Age 3+ (Warning: Choking Hazard. May contain small parts. Not a toy.)
  • Approximately 3.75" tall
  • Minor product variations may occur and are expected (Funko Disclaimer: We cannot control slight manufacturing variations and are not able to replace based on these variations, including but not limited to minor paint flaws or figure positioning. Blemishes to packaging will not be considered as part of a damaged figure.)