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10/4/2022: RESOLVED! As of today, the false website has been disabled 🙌
❗️Important Notice❗️

To our customers:

It has been brought to our attention that there is a scam/hoax website that has copied much of our content and using a web address that is nearly identical to ours. They also use Jujube's official logo as their own. Please be aware that this website is NOT in any way related to our legally licensed business. We are located and licensed in Brea, California. We are powered by Shopify, so make sure to check for the Shopify logo at the bottom of our home page.

Our official website:

FAKE website: www. ayellowgiraffeS .com (note the letter "S" added)

Please take care when shopping online. Thank you!

UPDATE: The hoax website has been contacted by their web host to cease and desist, but their website is still up. Unfortunately, their website is based in China, so there is not much else that can be done. We have since implemented a method to prevent further copying of our products. Please continue to exercise caution when shopping. Look for the Shopify and Secure Connection icons! Thank you!


  • A Yellow Giraffe

    Oh man, thank you Bill for letting us know 😫

  • Bill

    well seems is now popping up in google results above your results as well and is stealing.

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