Lost Package? Here's What To Do...

So you've checked the tracking....and it still says "In Transit" from last week. Yeah....it's probably been lost by the courier 😫 

We do our best to send emails and tracking information but things like this may happen (it's frustrating for us too!). No worries, we can help! Please contact us FIRST! Message us through Facebook or Instagram or email us at help@ayellowgiraffe.com. Canceling a charge through your credit card/bank results in a chargeback fee and a lengthy process to reverse, which is costly for small businesses like us 😔 But, if you contact us directly, we can either quickly fix the issue or refund you! (Plus, this allows us to file a Lost Claim to the courier) 🙌

If this happens to you, please contact us within 7 days so we can start the claims process within the timeframe required by the courier. Thank you!

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