San-X Cherry Blossom Korilakkuma plushie front view
San-X Cherry Blossom Korilakkuma plushie back view
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San-X Korilakkuma Cherry Blossoms Plushie

In celebration of sakura (cherry blossom) season, Korilakkuma is enjoying it the best way it knows how to! For a limited time, celebrate with Korilakkuma this magical event which, with its beautiful pink flowers, blanket the country in soft, colorful splendor. Korilakkuma has pink flowers wrapped around its wrist and a pink flower tucked by one ear.

  • Authentic San-X Rilakkuma authorized and licensed plush
  • Measures approximately 12.5" tall
  • Super soft, premium quality collectible plushie, perfect for play and sleep
  • Surface washable for easy care and maintenance
  • Ages 3+
  • Promotional discounts not applicable
Who is Korilakkuma?

Korilakkuma is a white bear that mysteriously appeared in Kaoru's apartment one day. Since there is a red button on its chest, it does not appear to be an actual bear either, just like Rilakkuma. Korilakkuma loves to play tricks and is mischievous with lots of energy.